This is the place to reserve space and announce to the Haven your special event. Don’t forget to check out the “Having an Event” section of the rule book for ideas. A Birthday Party, Bookclub Meeting, Social gathering….this is the place to post it.

This is where you can reserve Haven space for your games!

  1. Chose the kind of event you wish to hold from the Event Announcement
  2. Chose your preferred starting time (Tip, hit the Event Calendar to make sure that your start time does not overlap with an event that will be disturbed or you will be disturb by in the same room. Feel free to zip us a question if you are not sure.)
  3. Fill out the form
    • Your Email: This is where your will receive your confirmation email AND links to cancel your event(s) if needs be. Your Name: Duh
    • Event Name: This is what shows up on the Calendar!
    • Your Name: Duh
    • Chose the space you want
    • Details about your event: This is a place that people who want to know more about your event game can read about it. Always start with Session Length: X Hours (please limit it to a total of 16 per month) and then other fun details.
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