Established in 2007, The Historic Haven is a private for profit social club for individuals passionate about the social aspects of gaming, crafting, and history. The club is noted for its extensive collection of games and tools, camaraderie, and heavy wood and richly textured atmosphere.  Members who enter the Clubhouse in search of the intellectual stimulation or competition with peers will find both in full measure. Should they seek solitude, privacy is respected.

The Club offers an impressive array of intellectual and cultural programs within our member interests. Events range from large quarterly parties to meet and greet, to intimate conversations for a dozen or fewer every week. There are also member held lectures on their particular areas of focus or study.

The Club’s social calendar is full and varied: Daily events that cover the spread of game types, weekly classes on tool and social skill expansion, seasonal adventure outings (caving, hunting, exploring, and more),  and special holiday events. There are game tournaments, craft shows, competitions in game design or RPG running, even dancing lessons and more.

The Club’s collection of 2000+ volumes cover the range of member interests from a large Role Playing Game library, to an extensive crafting library.

Members may entertain guests at the Club for most Club programs, Guests are expected to abide by the house rules.

Where are We Located?

“Along the stream of Charles, besides the vault of knowledge, and under the peddlers of history lies The Historic Haven.”

Well, that is the secret hidden in that riddle. Cause..being a secret club is kinda cool, and being the member of one is even cooler! It is a private club, not a business, and being a member of a hidden under-ground club in the heart of Frederick is a pretty cool perk don’t you think?

If you want to learn the exact location of the club, either contact us directly OR follow the clues we have laid out on this web site to the clubs location OR ask your local gamer friends, they might tell you.

When can I visit?
We are open Wednesday through Friday from 2pm until 11pm,
And Saturday and Sunday from 10am until Midnight.
All other days and hours are by reservation.