The Rules

Rules and Policies of The Haven

The Rules

Violation of any of these rules will result in an immediate fine of
$5 added to your monthly tab.

Know your Membership Type

1. Be respectful of yourself, the equipment, and other Members.
This means stay clean, play nice, clean up after your self, etc. Also be careful of the games, books, etc – put them away neatly when you are done with them. Do not mess with the AV equipment, etc.

2. Don’t start or participate in a controversial discussion. IE: No talking about politics or religion.
No one can talk about modern politics or religion without getting rude, so no talking about it in the store.

3. Hang up your Jackets, and keep your stuff in the entryway.
Don’t leave jackets, purses, etc strewn about the store. Keep them within 5 feet of yourself, or in the entryway.

4. Keep the Haven clean.
Throw away your trash, keep things looking neat and clean. If you make a mess, clean it up. Keep your stuff withing the confines of your shelf if you have one, etc.

5. You may not ask for food or drink of anyone.
No really, don’t. 

6. Do not use the store laptop or printer.
Ever. If you need something printed that you are GOING TO USE IN THE STORE RIGHT THEN, then feel free to ask.

7. Tabs and Membership are due on the 15th of each month.
You are liable for your tab and memberships on the 15th of each month. If you are going to be absent from the Haven for an extended period of time and wish to not be charged membership
during that period, you must notify us in writing.

8. Items left overnight outside of the assigned and designated
storage areas at the Haven become property of The Haven.

No exceptions

9. No parking at The Haven before 6:30pm, feel free to park on the street, the hill, or at one of the many parking decks that are near by.

Do feel free to come down an load/unload before then


Martial Rules

1. Loaner Gear may be used with permission of the owners, and
must be put away in good repair.
This means that you will ask each time before you use Loaner Gear. You must put it away in the same place and in complete working condition.  If something is broken, you must let Steve
and Gene know immediately.

2.You may only use your gear, or gear you have permission to
You may only use your own gear, or another’s gear with the permission of the owner.

5. Martial members have access ONLY to the following tools and

Duct Tape
Foam Padding
Nail Rivets
Atom Wax
Steel Wool
Barge Cement

Rivet Clipper
Sinew needles
Peening Hammer
EX-acto Knife

Wargaming Rules
1. All games must be played in a sportsmanlike manner, and
must end with a friendly handshake.
Play your games in a cheerful, sportsman like manner. After your game congratulate your opponent and shake hands.

2. Treat all the game equipment, store armies, and terrain with
respect and put them away after your game.
Make sure that you are careful with store armies, and that you put them away exactly as you found them. Make sure that game equipment and terrain is put away in the same place you found them and in good condition.

3. Make sure to clean, seal and put away all modeling and
painting equipment.
Make sure that your brushes, paints and tools are put away neat. Let us know if something is in poor condition.

Gamemaster Rules
1. You will clean up after your gaming group.
You will make sure that any detritus of your game on, under and around the table is cleaned up and put away, and any additional tools, seating, etc is put away clean and in its proper place.

2. You will be respectful of the store.
You will make sure your group is not restricting the enjoyment of others in the Haven. Keep a mind on volume, content, etc.

Crafting Rules
1. You will use the proper tool in the proper manner for the job
at hand and clean up the area afterwards.
You will make sure to use the correct tool for the job, no jury rigging, or guessing.  Clean up the craft area for the next crafter as soon as you are finished.

2. You will only use tools that you are qualified to use.
Only use the tools you know how to use correctly and safely.

3. You will put away the tools and supplies you use in
accordance with their plan-o-gram.
Make sure that the tools you use are put away in a manner that matches the photo behind them. Put away the supplies that you do not use in the place where you got it.

4. Note in the Project book your name, the date and your project
before you start using tools or supplies.

5. Consult us before use and give a list of all supplies used at
the end of each day.
Make sure you note down and give us a list of your supplies so we can tab it to your account, and keep an eye on supply levels. If you notice we are low or out of a supply mention it to us as
well.  Keep in mind you are liable for “wasted” materials.