Reserving Space

Reserving Space at The Haven

The Historic Haven has a wide range of spaces, from private small rooms or lofts, to large spaces for events.

Please feel free to reserve spaces using calendars found in the menu!

Also feel free to email us with any questions you may have!



Reserving space at The Haven is a very simple process. By
reserving space, you guarantee that the space will be available
for your event, or that we will be open special hours. Fill out the
following form, and send it in for an official price quote.
Costs listed below are during normal hours of operation. Add
$50 for rental outside our normal hours.

4X8 Table Rental

  • $5 for four hours
  • Free for GM Members four times per month

Private Game Room Rental

  • $10 for four Hours
  • Free for GM Members four times per month

Projector Room Rental

  • $10 for four Hours
Haven Rental – For Private Events: We will close, clean and
provide security  as well as the appropriate Entertainment
Permit and Event Insurance. Rental time is calculated
backwards from standard closing time. One month notice is
required for all full day rentals.
  • $50/hr, M-Th 3 hr minimum
  • $75/hr, F-Su 3 hr minimum
  • $300/All Day M-Th
  • $600/All Day F-Su

Have a special request, or reason we
should charge you less for your event?
Then make a note of it below.