Welcome, to The Historic Haven

Who and What We are:

The Historic Haven is a private club focusing on the local gamer and historical reenactor/Ren-Fair community. With its candlelit dark wood and Tudor stylings, stone walls, and private atmosphere, it has become a favorite place for re-enactors and gamers of all types to meet.


The Haven 4th of July Group Photo

The Idea

We decided that it was time for there to be a place for re-enactors and gamers to sit, meet, and have fun in an old style historic atmosphere – with the nice additions of a fully stocked library of re-enactor manuals and roleplaying books, leather couches, and sofa chairs, a 17ft oak table, a projector for movie nights, XBOX, Playstation, etc.  There is a craft table with all the tools and supplies you need for metal casting, leather working, illumination, glass work,  wood carving, and a full forge. To help learn what all can be done with this, we have instructors from all over coming in throughout the year teaching classes every weekend.


How it Works

We are running this place as a private club, this means that we have to follow certain rules. People interested in joining the Haven should visit us at the club, or contact us in some  other way. We will work with you to set up a member ship that gives you access to the services you are interested in. Feel free to visit the Member Details page for more info.

vvttableGM Member Only VTT and Private Game Room

Where are We Located?

“Along the stream of Charles, besides the vault of knowledge, and under the peddlers of history lies The Haven.”

Well, that is a secret. If you want to learn the exact location of the club, either contact us directly OR follow the clues we have laid out on this web site to the clubs location. Why are we hidden? Well it is a private club, not a business, and being a member of a hidden under-ground club in the heart of Frederick is a pretty cool perk don’t you think?

When can I visit?
We are open Monday through Friday from 2pm until 11pm,
And Saturday and Sunday from 10am until Midnight.