Who are Tom and Steve?

Tom “Gene” Handwerker has experience in both retail management and café management locally and regionally. He is known in the local downtown community for his management, café,  and computer expertise, as well as his integrity. He managed Frederick Coffee Company for its 2 most profitable years, as well as cafés in both Borders and Barnes & Noble. He worked with Illusions Game Store in
Salisbury MD for 4 years during his college career, and has kept his finger on the pulse of local gaming community through in-store
events he ran at the Frederick Coffee Company, in home events he has run over the last 3 years, and visits to hobby gaming stores all over the tri-state area. He is an apprentice blacksmith and is active in the SCA, a medieval re-enactment group

Steve Martin spent several of his earlier years learning the ins-and-outs of working in a café environment. Since graduating college he has worked to perfect his marketing abilities in a succession of increasingly challenging marketing management positions culminating in a 650% increase in sales over 8 months at Dublin Roasters Coffee, the last business with which he was involved. He has been an apprentice leatherworker, an avid gamer for most of his life on both sides of the table and is also an active member of the medieval reenactment group the SCA, where he can usually be found learning or teaching in the period games pavilion