So you have visited the Haven, read the rules, come in and played a game or crafted with The Guys, and have decided to become a member!

The Haven has two levels of membership.

Social Membership

The first is a Social Membership that gets you access to The Clubhouse, Haven events, as well as the Discord, Facebook Groups, and a lot more all listed in The Rules. If you pay online so we dont have to keep track of things…this is $20 a month.

Advanced Membership Upgrade

The second level is the Advanced Membership, which gets you all the above as well as access to the makers space (whoo lasers!, 3d printers, cnc machines and so much more), the GMs library (a top end Roll20 membership, huge D&D Beyond library), one on one time, on site storage, expanded hours of access and so much more, all detailed in The Rules. This is an additional $20 a month.


Accounts Receivable

Have you got an email from the knee breaking department and want to pay down an outstanding debt?
Hit this place to pay down those cool classes you signed up for, that 6 week Magic league, and all those many many snacks….